Saturday, June 5, 2010

Technology In the Classroom

Here is a picture of students using technology in the classroom. What are some advantages of this picture? What are the disadvantages of this picture?


  1. It seems whatever program these kids are using is definitely holding thier attention. I think it's important to find and use software that is interesting and fun for the students to use. A downside to this picture is the fact that the other students can't really be interactive with the computer other than to watch. It would be nice if they all could use computers to work on the same program and share their experience afterward!

  2. Wow ten students! Although a small classroom I am sure your hands were still very full! The picture looked as if the students were well engaged in learning.

  3. Did you find answers to your questions? How did you end up spending your faculty senate money? I know that it probably wasn't enough how ever much it was. In Greenbrier County, they have a mentor program that pair new teachers with senior teachers. This is a great idea!


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